Business Expansion

Sales Agency
Sponsorship & Merchandising
Joint Ventures


Starting your own business
Articles of Association

Shareholders' Agreements
Company Secretarial & Administration
Share Options


Confidentiality Agreements Overview
Mutual Confidentiality Agreement
Terms for a Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement: supplier, contractor or consultant
Confidentiality Agreement: protect created work
Authorisation to release confidential information
Non Solicitation Agreement


Consultancy overview
Consultancy Agreements

Creative Works Contracts

Templates for technical writing, photography, software development, product development, graphic design, architectural, fashion & industrial design, copy writing


Employment overview
Employment Contracts
Directors' Service Contracts
Employment Policies
Employment Letters

Guarantees & Indemnities

Overview of Guarantee & Indemnity Templates
Various Guarantees & Indemnities

Intellectual Property

Licencing of Intellectual Property Rights:
Intellectual Property Licences Overview
Book or Music Publishing Agreement
Copyright Licence Agreement
Photographic Licence Agreement
Trade Mark Licence Agreement

IP Licence Agreement: to use specialist system
Copyright or Patent Licence Agreement
Invention Licence Agreement
IP Licence Agreement: of technical product in a single industry or market
IP Licence Agreement: educational or training system
IP Sub-Licence Agreement: copyright work
Change Licence Terms Agreement
IP Rights Sale Agreement: in chemical compound
IP Rights Sale Agreement: in invention or process

Sale & Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights:

Intellectual Property Sales Overview
IP Rights Sale Agreement: in invention or process
Assignment Agreement: of music copyright; sale plus royalty; limited territory
IP Rights Sale Agreement: in television, film or media production
IP Rights Sale Agreement: in invention or process: for cash and shares
Assignment Agreement: of music copyright or other IP; cash sale; seller retains right to buy back

IP Security
Intellectual Property Rights Security Agreements

IP Licencing

Licencing Overview
Licence Agreements


Lending Overview
Security Overview
Loan Templates Overview
Loan Agreement- secured on financial instruments
Loan Agreement: company borrower; secured on physical assets; guarantor option
Loan Agreement: company; secured by guarantee
Loan Agreements For Individuals
Debt Collecting

Managing Assets

Leasing Agreements
Hire Agreements
Vehicle Sale

Miscellaneous Business Documents

Assignment & Novation
Clubs & Associations

Partnership & LLPs  

Templates for Partnership Agreement, Partnership Dissolution Agreement, Family Partnership Agreement, Limited Liability Partnership Agreement, Limited Liability Partnership, Agreement- managing partner & investors, Admission of New Partner Agreement, Limited Partnership Agreement


Business Leases Overview
Business Lease Templates
Commercial Lease Templates
Business Tenancy Notices
Property Option Templates

Residential Leases Overview
Residential Leases
Residential Licences
Residential Tenancies (not AST protected)

Sale of a Business

Business sale overview
Business Sale Agreement: any business
Business Assets Purchase Agreement or hive-down
Business Sale Agreements by trade

Sale of a Company

Company Sale Overview
Company Purchase Agreement: part payment retention
Company Purchase Agreement: simple cash deal
Company Purchase Agreement: shares and cash deal
Company Purchase Agreement: Group of companies
Company Purchase Agreement: cash and shares, part deferred

Sale of Services

Business Services
Consultancy Overview
Household Services Overview
Household Services Agreements
Tradesmen's Agreements

Share Sale & Purchase & Share Subscription

Share Sale & Subscription Overview
Share Purchase Agreement
Share Subscription Agreement
Share Subscription Agreement: simple transaction
Share Purchase & Subscription Agreement
Share Buy-Sell Agreement: simple transaction

Template Collections for:

Clubs & Associations 
Creative works
IT Services 
Property developers 

Tradesmen's Templates for:

Contract with householder
Small works building contracts
Short form building contract
Sub-contract agreement
Landscaping contract
Kitchen fitter contract
Carpet fitter's contract
Shop fitter's business terms

Websites & Software

E-commerce website T&Cs Overview
E-commerce T&Cs Templates
Website Design & Development
Online Advertising


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