We have listed below some suggested legal templates that can be used to help you with your creative work. 

Of course, there are several other matters that will require coverage by legal agreements, and this collection is not meant to be comprehensive. Rather, it is a prompt for you to see what else you need to get you underway. Please also browse our main menu for ideas of what other legal documents you require.

Template: Technical Writing Contract

Read what Net Lawman says about this template:

This document is suitable for a consultant, researcher or expert who will write a factual or opinion based report, or a technical document such as a manual. For example, it could be used for the production of:

  • an opinion by an expert witness that supports a legal case

  • a scientific report on breeding habits of local wildlife that helps support a residential housing planning application

  • a report for company directors on the current political landscape regarding a certain subject matter that should help the board make a strategic decision

  • a manual on how to use specific equipment made by a manufacturer

  • a review of academic literature on any subject that summarises current research findings."

Template: Photography Contract

Read what Net Lawman says about this template:

"A photography contract template suitable for any type of assignment, including events (such as weddings and sports matches), commercial (such as products or buildings), and portrait work. It has been drawn to give the photographer strong legal protection whilst at the same time being acceptable to the client. We have included a range of options around retention of ownership of image copyright."

Template: Software Development Agreement

Read what Net Lawman says about this template:

"Comprehensive contract for entering into a custom software development arrangement; both locally and internationally. This custom software development agreement records the terms set between the client and the software developer. Whilst it is fair to both parties, it is the developer's interests that are most protected. The document can be edited to suit a client."

Template: Product Development Contract

Read what Net Lawman says about this template:

"This contract provides a high level of intellectual property security for the client. It is a supply contract for the development of any product that goes one step further by binding the developer to terms of non-disclosure and transfer of all IP rights to the client. This is a comprehensive product development agreement for use in any business, particularly where data (relating to the business or to the end product) is sensitive. The development could relate to anything at all, whether tangible such as a mechanical part, or intangible such as a new legal document template or a formula for a detergent."

Template: Software Development Contract

Read what Net Lawman says about this template:

"This is a basic contract for a client to have software written by a contractor, that includes strong intellectual property protection. It is suitable for a large number of types of software, from websites and apps to CRM systems. This is a contract to have software written for use in any business. It is intended to make sure you, the client, get what you have paid for. The work you want could be to write or edit your website, or make up a software system from your old spreadsheets, or give you a tailor-made database or information system."

Template: Graphic Design Contract: logo or other artwork

Read what Net Lawman says about this template:

"This contract sets the terms for the design of a logo, print material, web page or other graphics. It is suitable for work where the client is in the UK and the designer is abroad. It includes provisions to transfer the rights in the intellectual property of the design to the client once the work has been completed. We assume that it is the client who will use it, and therefore have included terms that give him or her legal advantage. However, it could be edited by a designer to provide a more neutral contract that a client will be happy to accept."

Template: Architectural, Fashion or Industrial Design Contract

Read what Net Lawman says about this template:

"This is a contract between an architect or industrial product designer and his or her client for the production of a design. There is specific focus on intellectual property protection - confidentiality and transfer of the rights in the work to the client on completion. It is suitable for many types of design, from full architectural plans to building detail, interior designs, machine and product design."

Template: Copywriting Contract: article, book, manual

Read what Net Lawman says about this template:

"This contract could be used by either the client or a copywriter for a variety of types of assignment. Working with informal e-mail proposals may work for you when the volume of work is not great, but as you need more pieces of copy writing (as a client), or are asked to write more (as a writer), a written document will offer greater protection by helping both sides aware of their obligations to the other and by making clear exactly what is expected."

Detailed guidance notes are provided with each template. Net Lawman offers a money back guarantee if the document is not what you need, as well as a legal review option if you want some professional assistance when you are drawing up your documents.


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