Residential Leases Overview

Before selecting and downloading one of the residential lease templates, read Netlawman's helpful guides on:

Retaliatory Evictions

An article that explains what retaliatory evictions are and how you can avoid them. More Info

Tenant Abandonment

Read about how to regain the possession of the abandoned premises. More Info

Letting a room: finding the right type of legal agreement

A short guide to finding the most suitable type of letting agreement for a single room. More Info

Short-term letting agreements: finding the right document

Sometimes you want to let for a couple of months only. This article explains your choice of letting agreement. More Info

Damage to a rented property - who is responsible?

Find out who is responsible for damage to a rented property, and whether it is the landlord or the tenant who must repair it. More Info

Reasons to record your tenancy agreement in writing

7 reasons to record your tenancy agreement in writing - both practical and legal. More Info

Terms in a residential Tenancy Agreement

Find out what terms most residential tenancy agreements include. More Info

Checks and tasks before you let your property

A guide for prospective landlords as to what should be considered before letting a property, and the requirements by law. More Info

The housing health and safety rating system (HHSRS) and how to minimise hazards in rental accommodation

Minimise health and safety hazards in let property and reduce the likelihood of enforcement action if your property is inspected by the local authority. More Info

Landlord responsibilities for proper condition and maintenance of accommodation

An outline of landlord's responsibilities for maintaining the condition of a property. It covers both the condition of the property and the furnishings. More Info

Tenancy deposit protection schemes

A short guide to tenancy deposit protection schemes for an AST: whether you need to use one, how to register, and what happens if you don't. More Info

Landlord's short guide to ending a residential tenancy

This guide to what you need to do at the end of a tenancy will help ensure a smooth handover of your property. It also covers how deal with rent arrears and how to claim money from a deposit for damage. More Info

Fair wear and tear: assessing damage to your rented property

A short guide to what a residential landlord can retain from a deposit on account of damage beyond fair wear and tear. More Info

Service occupancy or tenancy: the differences

Certain types of employment often provide accommodation as part of the employment. Such accommodation is sometimes referred to as tied accommodation or service occupancy. In law it is a residential licence. More Info

Residential tenancy or licence?

This article explains the difference between a tenancy and a licence to occupy. More Info

Residential lettings: considerations for landlords

A guide to the law behind residential tenancy agreements. A great starting place for any new landlord. More Info

Section 21 notices

How when and why to serve a section 21 notice under the Housing Act 1988. More Info

Different types of tenancy: which agreement should you use?

Explanation of the types of tenancy and which agreement is best for you. More Info

Section 8 notices under the Housing Act 1988

How when and why to serve a section 8 notice under the Housing Act 1988. More Info

Unfair terms in residential tenancy agreements

An article that explains what an unfair term is in a tenancy agreement and how to avoid creating unfair terms, and gives examples of terms that would be deemed unfair. More Info

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