How it Works

All templates can be found on our Business Documents Portal and our Personal & Family Documents Portal

Business Documents Portal:

There are two indexed template libraries for you to browse & select from: 

1. For subject-based document selection  (e.g. loans, companies, employment), when you need one or more specific legal templates. 

2. For work-type document selection (e.g. for entrepreneurs, SMEs, property developers), when you need a range of template options. 

Personal & Family Documents Portal:

There is a single indexed template library for you to browse & select from

Exclusive to LawDocs4All, buying through us gives you the following discounts on NetLawman templates:

10% Discount:  on the first legal document you purchase via LawDocs4All

20% Discount: on all subsequent legal document you purchase via LawDocs4All

Please use the discount code below when you purchase your first & subsequent documents from

LAWDOCS4ALL is a sister site to Law-Answers.comgives access to hundreds of professionally drafted legal document templates to use across a wide range of topics. 

Price and payment terms are all provided on those pages. This guide to editing your legal templates assists you in creating a legal document that you can use.

Our legal documents provider, gives you:

  • Immediate delivery of your selected document template by e-mail after checkout
  • DocX file format compatible with all popular PC & Mac word processing software. 
  • We can convert into other formats for you
  • Plain English in their documents-  easy to edit and understand
  • Detailed guidance notes to explain the purpose of each paragraph and how to edit
  • A legal review service via a Net Lawman lawyer who can check your edited document (more details below)
  • Full money back guarantee if the document isn't right for you

You will not be paying LawDocs4All for the documents, but we have negotiated a very generous & exclusive discount package, so that you buy via us for much less than if you purchased them direct from NetLawman. shares our mission to improve access to law across the board, including to legal documentation, which would otherwise cost substantially more than from law firms.  

This does not mean or imply that we don't value legal advisers. On the contrary, we know how much they can & do bring to legal issues faced by people and businesses. But, we also recognise that not everyone can afford or needs to hire a lawyer to deal with their questions or problems. This is where LawDocs4All and Law-Answers step in.

Net Lawman also offers a legal review service for its documents. If, when you have downloaded your legal template and changed it to suit your needs, you feel you could do with some legal guidance, you can get it reviewed by Net Lawman's legal team who will conduct a detailed assessment of your document and:

  • Read your instructions and questions and make sure your document does what you tell us you want it to do
  • Report on the legal implications of additions or changes by you
  • Edit your text if need be so that the document complies with the law
  • Check that your use of defined terms is correct and consistent
  • Check that required insertions have been made correctly
  • Provide an alternative template at no extra cost if a more suitable one exists in our library
  • Correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, typos and errors in formatting

If you change your mind about using the service after you have edited your document, Net Lawman will fully refund the price of the service.


The documents menus are designed to describe the documents, but please be sure that you check them over carefully to ensure that they do meet your needs. All documents are subject to NetLawman's Terms and Conditions, which we ask you to read before you purchase any documents.

We are pleased to be supported by Net as a leading independent online provider of ready-to-use legal documents for business users. 

Net Lawman is a founding member of the Association of Publishers of Online Legal Documents (APOD).

 APOD exists to:

  • promote the sale of online legal and business document templates;
  • educate the public about the need for legal documents to protect their interests, and in the online availability of professionally written and affordable template contracts;
  • promote and represent the interests of the Association and its members;
  • ensure professional standards for customers and the public in accordance with the APOD Code of Practice.

We always welcome your feedback so please do let us know what else you would like to know about using this Form.