Company Secretarial & Administration

Before downloading and using templates, we suggest that you read these helpful guidance notes:

These documents supplied by Net contain documents for the administration of a company in compliance with the Companies Act 2006. 

Most are packs of documents - complete solutions - for company secretarial functions from recording minutes of directors’ meeting to announcing company meetings. They include proxies and text of resolutions.

Template: Consent to short notice of an AGM

Template: Stock transfer form (J10 and J30)

Template: Change registered office address: set of documents

Template: Change company name: set of documents

Template: Reduce share capital: set of documents

Template: Appoint auditor: set of documents

Template: Remove auditor: set of documents

Template: Appoint new director: set of documents

Template: Loan to director: set of documents

Template: Remove director: set of documents

Template: Share buy back agreement

Template: Company resolutions examples

Template: Documents to hold a general meeting: private company; limited by guarantee


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