IP Sub-Licence Agreement: copyright work

Template: IP Sub-Licence Agreement: copyright work

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What Net Lawman says about this template:

"This agreement allows a licensee of intellectual property to exploit it by sublicensing it for use by a third party.

You are likely to have taken a licence of some intellectual property rights with a view to exploiting them. You may have done so, but not to the fullest extent possible. You now wish to sell (sub-license) some part of your rights to some other business that will exploit the work in whatever limited way you have decided.

We can assume the original licensor was probably the author or creator and that he or she did not want to set up in business to exploit the rights personally.

The rights could relate to anything. The work could be of any size, complexity and for any purpose. For example, it could be architect’s drawings, children’s stories, photographs or a collection of films. For the sake of clarity while editing the document (to draw your attention to where to change the name of the work), we use a recognisable, fictitious, esoteric name.

This agreement could also be used for commercial partnerships, for example to permit an affiliate or partner to use material which you do not actually own but use on licence from the original creator.

We do not know what rights in the material you have bought, so cannot guide you on which ones you are able to sub-licence. We have therefore provided the same wide range of options as we do for the creator of a work in the first place.

The payment option provided is a periodic royalty. That can be changed easily to a cash payment or some other basis.

Almost all Net Lawman documents are written to protect primarily the document buyer. However, we do not invite problems for you by ignoring the likely requirements of your counter-party. There are many provisions in this document which satisfy the concerns of a fair minded licensee. The drafting notes you receive with the document elaborate on this point."

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