Assignment Agreement: of music copyright or other IP; cash sale; seller retains right to buy back

Template: Assignment Agreement: of music copyright or other IP; cash sale; seller retains right to buy back

Introduction to IP rights sales templates

What Net Lawman says about this template:

"This agreement has been drawn for a simple sale of copyright in intellectual property, using the the sale of a work of music as the basis. It could as easily be used for other IP such as lyrics or a stage play or a script.

It is drawn as a sale so that the buyer has freedom to use the work without the restrictions of licence terms.

However, optional provision has also been made for the writer, creator or composer to retain some rights. These could be any. Geographical territory or specific use would be the most common. If retained rights are more complicated, it would be better to use a licence agreement such as this one.

This agreement protects the interest of the seller without offending or prejudicing the buyer. It provides for a right of first refusal if the buyer decides to sell at a later date and a procedure to make that work fairly to both sides. Such a pre-emption right allows the seller to buy his or her work first, in preference to any other buyer.

The financial arrangement is a simple cash sale. Both sides are protected by reasonable warranties.

So that you can easily follow the effect of the document, we have given names to the parties and the subject matter."

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