Manufacturing Agreement Templates

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Template: Development and Manufacturing Agreement: customer version

"This contract is for use by any business or individual to regulate a deal for the design, manufacture and finishing of any product.

This agreement has been drawn to cover the structure of a complicated deal in simple terms you can edit yourself. You have a product idea and maybe some designs. This agreement covers your instruction to a manufacturer to:

  • finalise the design (such as helping you choose appropriate materials and creating the design in 3D software used by the production equipment)
  • create prototypes and test the design
  • comply with national or international standards
  • make up the product in commercial quantities
  • finish the product (e.g. anodising or polishing parts)
  • package for sale"

Template: Food Manufacturing Agreement

"This is a food product development and manufacturing agreement, also suitable for drinks, skin care, and other regulated products. Under it, the manufacturer develops your ideas with you, before producing saleable products for you."

Template: Fashion or FMCG Design and Make Up Agreement

"This is a professionally drawn, comprehensive contract for a business in the fashion or a fast moving consumer goods industry to use to have a product developed and made up by a manufacturer. The manufacturer may be based in the UK or abroad."

Template: Development and Manufacturing Agreement: manufacturer version

"This is an agreement for a manufacturer to put to a client. It is suitable where the client's requirements are simple (perhaps a single process) or where the client's needs are more complicated, requiring assistance with design, production of multiple parts, finishing those parts, assembly, and packaging."

Template: Manufacturing Contract: short version

"This agreement can be used to set out the terms of manufacture of any type of product, from an engineered part, to clothes or furniture. Key for the suitability of use of this document is that you are simply instructing the manufacturer to make the product, and not to undertake any pre- or post-production work."

Template: Prototype Development Agreement

Template: Invitation to Tender: set of documents

Template: Manufacturing Agreement: customer version

"This contract is for use by any individual or business to order the manufacture of any product. It is written to favour the client rather than the manufacturer, with many small points such as prevention of change of control of their business to protect the client's interests."

Template: Product Assembly and Finishing Agreement

"This agreement covers an arrangement whereby you have had parts manufactured elsewhere and now require some other firm to finish them, assemble them, and mark and pack the final product so that it is ready for sale on the market. The nature of the product is not important to this agreement. It could be a consumer item such as fashion clothing, or an industrial machine."

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