Hiring Agreements

What Net Lawman says about its templates:

"Hire agreements for use by any person or company who hires out portable tools or equipment of any sort. Written with reference to audio-visual equipment, it will work just as well for marquees or party clothes or small tools. Suitable for one-off or regular deals for any time period or as the basis for terms for a hire shop."

Template: Hire Agreement for audio-visual or other equipment B2B

What Net Lawman says about this template:

"These are terms for hiring technical equipment to other businesses. It is suitable for wide variety of products, and protects the owner in every way. The agreement is drawn as a set of non-negotiable terms and conditions, which you will probably send out with a quotation or place on your counter, ready for a customer to sign. The hire period can be any length of time, from hours to months."

Template: Hire Agreement for equipment to consumers

What Net Lawman says about this template:

"These are terms and conditions for the hire of products to businesses or consumers. They are intended to be sent out with a quotation or placed on your counter, ready for a customer to sign. You can also adapt them for use on your website."

Detailed guidance notes are provided with each template. Net Lawman offers a money back guarantee if the document is not what you need, as well as a legal review option if you want some professional assistance when you are drawing up your documents.


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